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NCT's Student Matinees:

  • Are Tuesday - Friday at 10 am and 11:45 am

  • Last between 60 and 85 minutes

  • Require reservations

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Student group tickets for a field trip are $10/student. Ticket subsidy is available for MNPS as well as Title I schools.

One complimentary educator ticket is provided for each ten paid student tickets. If a student in the reservation requires assistance from additional school staff, then exceptions can be made.

Chaperone tickets are $17 per person if the adult is included in the school’s reservation. Adults who buy tickets outside of the school’s reservation will be charged the standard adult rate of $23 + ticket fees. NCT is not able to guarantee admission for adults outside of the school’s reservation.
If an adult is attending a weekday performance and is not included in the school’s reservation, then that ticket must be purchased on the day of the show, in person, and after all reservations have been accounted for.

Post-Show Q & A's

Would your class enjoy a Q & A with some of the cast and tech staff after watching the show? With prior notice, NCT is happy to facilitate a session for students to ask about the play or how certain theatrical tricks were produced.

Q & A's can only happen after an 11:45 am performance. Between the conclusion of the 10 am performance and before the 11:45 am performance begins the actors are busy preparing for their second performance and are unable to speak with audience members.

Teachers - scroll down for information on Curriculum Standards, Educator Previews, Field Trip Guides, and Curriculum Guides from past shows.

Request a Workshop! We offer Workshops for all of our shows. Email Catherine about workshops when you book your trip.

Individuals wanting to attend weekday performances may contact the group sales office for information on availability, but for individuals, tickets can only be purchased on the day of the performance after school groups have been checked in.

2019-20 NCT Curriculum Guides

2019-20 Curriculum Guides become available a month or two before each show opens. These guides include activities that can be integrated into your classroom lesson plans.

Return to Sender Curriculum Guide
Auntie Claus Curriculum Guide
Secret Soldiers Curriculum Guide

Early, mini-curriculum guides for all five 2019-20 shows:

For an idea of some of the curricular connections each show will touch on, click the title for a sample guide.

Return to Sender
Auntie Claus
Secret Soldiers: Civil War Heroines in Disguise
Hans Christian Andersen
Pete the Cat

Grade-Specific Curriculum Standards provide suggested Tennessee Academic Standards that are addressed by attending the performance and discussing the questions included in the document.

“NCT’s amazing productions speak to the heart, soul, and minds of children of all ages. We have always made use of the teaching materials that accompany every production we attend because they are so well designed to help our students go deeper into the material. With the Curriculum Guides, students gain a deeper understanding of the individual production and of theater attendance in general. We look forward to our visits every year.”
— Jodi McDaniel, Abintra Montessori School

Theatre and ELA Connections: After the Show

After your students see a show at NCT, use one of the grade-appropriate worksheets to help your students process what they experienced! These worksheets provide a fun way for students to formulate and share their opinions as well as work on their writing skills.

Standards for Theatre Review Worksheets

Lower Elementary:
Theatre: K-1.T.R2.A
ELA: 2.RL.KID.2, 1.RL.KID.3, K.W.TTP.1, 1-2.W.PDW.4, K-2.W.RBPK.8, K-2.W.RW.10
Visual Arts: K.VA.Cr1.A, 1.VA.Cr1.B, 2.VA.Cr1.B

Upper Elementary:
Theatre: 4-5.T.R1.A, 3.T.R3.B
ELA: 3.RL.KID.2, 4.RL.KID.2, 5.RL.KID.2, 3-5.W.PDW.4, 3-5.W.RW.10

Middle School:
Theatre: 6.T.R1.A, 8.T.R1.A, 6.T.R2.C, 8.T.R2.C, 6-8.T.R3.A, 6-8.T.R3.B
ELA: 6-8.RL.KID.2, 6-8.W.TTP.2, 6-8.W.PDW.4. 6-8.W.RW.10

Educator Previews

Each show in our season offers one preview performance on a Thursday evening at 6:30. That performance is our Educator Preview Event. Educators and a guest are welcome to attend this performance on us.

This FREE event includes a wine and cheese reception followed by a 45-minute workshop where NCT education staff members demonstrate lessons designed to explore some of the curricular connections of the production. This workshop qualifies for professional development hours in many districts, and is intended for adults only (child care is provide during the workshop).

The reception begins at 5 pm, and the workshop begins at 5:30 pm. FREE CHILDCARE is provided during the reception and workshop.

Curriculum Guides from Past Seasons