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Financial Assistance

Family Access Membership (FAM)

Nashville Children's Theatre's Family Access Membership, or FAM, is a streamlined way of offering scholarships to our classes and camps, as well as discounted tickets to our shows. Scholarships and discounts are offered to families on a sliding scale based on financial need.  We use the national guidelines for free and reduced lunch to assign levels of assistance.

If you are planning on applying for discounted tickets only, please only fill out the FAM Application Form.  If you are planning on applying for a camp/class scholarship, please fill out BOTH the FAM Application form and the Camp/Class Scholarship form.  A new FAM Application Form must be filled out at the beginning of every NCT season (August of each year).  A new Camp/Class Scholarship Application Form must be filled out for each session of camp offerings (Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer).  If you have filled out a FAM Application Form this season, you do not have to fill out an additional FAM Application form for each Camp/Class session.

The acceptance date for the 2019-20 season is August 7th, 2019. The priority deadline for Winter/Spring class scholarship requests is November 15th, at 9 am. We will continue to accept requests on a rolling basis until all scholarships have been distributed for the Winter/Spring, but all requests received before the priority deadline will receive a response by Friday, November 22nd.

Simply, the initial FAM Application Form is the umbrella application where we receive your yearly income, and then award your FAM Level based on that income (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%). This level is then used for reduced-priced tickets for our shows AND for our Camps and Classes throughout the year. If you choose, you can then apply for a Camp/Class Scholarship each semester (as NCT staff does not know your schedule or your student’s interest in class topics for the Fall, Spring, or Summer). You can do this each semester by submitting a Camp/Class Scholarship Form for your student(s).

For an example: John and Ellie have two children.
They are interested in seeing shows at NCT and having their children come to classes in the Fall and Summer sessions (they are out of town during the Spring). In August, John first fills out the FAM Application Form, that asks for him to upload proof of his income. Based on his income, John’s family is awarded a 75% FAM Level. This entitles him to performance tickets at 75% off their normal rate. He then calls the box office at 615-254-9103 and sets up tickets for himself and his family at this reduced rate.

His students want to come to classes too, and his FAM Level entitles him to class and camp scholarships at a cost of 75% off their normal rate. John then applies for Fall classes for his children by filling out a Fall Camp/Class Scholarship Application for each student. They receive an offer of two Saturday morning classes per student in the Fall for 75% off the cost of the overall classes. In February, he submits for both students during the priority deadline for Summer Camps and his children are awarded two weeks of camps at the 75% off rate with Before and Aftercare included for free. John needs to break up that remaining fee into smaller payments and does so by calling the theatre (after receiving his offer) at 615-254-9103.

FAM Application and Drama School Camp & Class Scholarship
Submission Schedule 2019-20

Forms submitted before their respective acceptance dates will not be accepted.

August 7th: FAM Applications Accepted for the 2019-20 Season

August 7th: Fall Drama School Camp & Class Scholarships Accepted
August 16th: Fall Scholarship Priority Deadline
August 23th: Fall Scholarship Offers will be sent

November 4th: Winter/Spring Drama School Camp & Class Scholarships Accepted
November 15th: Winter/Spring Scholarship Priority Deadline (applications will still be accepted after this date)
November 22nd: Winter/Spring Scholarship Offers will be sent

February 10th: Summer Drama School Camp & Class Scholarships Accepted
February 21st: Summer Scholarship Priority Deadline
March 6th: Summer Scholarship Offers Submitted by Priority Deadline will be sent

A new FAM application must be filled out at the beginning of each new yearly season at NCT (August of each year).  Please access the applications below, follow the instructions carefully, reading each step to ensure proper submission of FAM and Scholarship applications.

2019-20 FAM Application Instructions

To fill out your FAM Application and Camp/Class Scholarship Form online through our secure server, click on the forms below:

Forms submitted before their respective acceptance dates will not be processed.

OFFLINE: To submit your FAM Application and Camp/Class Scholarship Form via email, snail mail (25 Middleton Street Nashville TN 37210), or fax (615-254-3255), right-click and download the forms below (or left-click and print from your web browser):

Forms submitted before their respective acceptance dates will not be accepted.

After you 'right-click - "Save Link As...", if you have Adobe Reader (found HERE),
you can fill out your forms electronically and email them with no printing needed.
You cannot fill out and save the downloadable form in a web browser such as Google Chrome,
please use Adobe Reader or your PDF program of choice.

If you have additional questions, please contact Colin Peterson at 615-252-4664 or email [email protected]